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CHINA Chinese Communist Party turns attention to Tibetan Mongolian Buddhism

Meanwhile, state-led interactions with Mongolian monasteries, some unreported even in Mongolia, reveal attempts to cultivate senior lamas and exploit internal divisions to counter Dharamsalas influence and earn global Buddhist discourse power. Although the potential of religion as an influence tool in Mongolia is limited, the tactics used illustrate the Xiist expansion of UF work beyond its traditional domestic-diasporic domain. CCP religious policy involves both repression and co-option. Co-opting religion and other non-Party forces, both inside and outside China, is the job of the United Front Work Department (UFWD). Although UF tactics are a Leninist creation, prescribed to the CCP in the 1920s by Soviet advisors, the system the UFWD uses to manage religion is a post-Comintern innovation whose closest parallel is in North Korea. To survive as patriotic tools of the Party, imported religions such as Christianity and Buddhism must undergo Sinification (), a demand stressed under. The maxim love the country, love religion () summarizes what the Party expects of religious believers. In this perspective, the China Buddhist Association (CBA) has been officially placed under the Party. A significant figure in all of this is Yinshun (), vice president of the CBA and president of his Hainan chapter. Yinshun is the abbot of three temples: two in the south of China and one in Lumbin, the birthplace of the Buddha in Nepal.

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